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Self organised, self promoted and curated by my myself, Cass Art gave me the opportunity to have my second solo exhibition in my home town Kingston Upon Thames.

"Pause to Ponder" is a retrospective of my journey as an artist. Looking back, I can see the genesis of my study of human emotion. The portrait artists study of the human condition must be a life-long pursuit.

The approach to each painting is never the same; it seems that I relearn my skill and approach with each blank canvas. The process is stressful, frustrating, satisfying. The journey from my early portraits to now, I feel demonstrates the development and growing confidence of my oil paint mark making and use of colour. It also demonstrates the struggles to import personality, identity the emotion. I draw on my own personal experiences to promote authenticity of emotion.

The beginning of the retrospective, 2012, are among my first studies in oil paint, focusing on representations of facial expression.

2013 - 2014 was a study into the medical environment. How our lives are pro-longed due to these man made materials acting as organic organs when we are most vulnerable.

2014 - 2015 This was followed, shortly afterwards, by my own experiences of an operation followed by a period of extreme negative emotions. To explore and try to understand these emotions I resorted to a short series of self-portraits. I feel these are a private diary and a public autobiography and were beneficial to my recovery.

2015 - 2017 My practice continues to explore the human condition through portraiture and figurative representing, investigating identity/emotion/character. I am attracted by unique individuals that I find to have distinctive features and characteristics.

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