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What you need to know :

Framing your artwork is a service I provide, however at this time I can only offer "Tray Framing/Float Framing/Frames for Paintings"

(no glass).

There are examples of which mouldings and colour I can frame for your work, as well as this price guide. 

I believe the best course of action is to contact me as we will organise a date and time to meet or phone call to discuss what woulds best with your work.

Things to consider :

When it comes to framing please leave yourself some time to be organised when having your work framed, short noticed orders could increase the price or not be enough time to have your framing order completed.

Please consider what type of frame would go well with your artwork, What kind of colour and wether you wish to have a matt or gloss varnish on your frame. Please also considered if having a "Tray Frame" how much spacing you would like between the artwork and frame.

If you want to have a "Front Frame" please considered the spacing between the artist's signature and the edge as it maybe covered by frame. 

Shipping :

Framing costs will not include packaging, shipping and transit insurance.


Delivery and shipping of framed works will be arranged by the client.

Once you have been notified that your framing is ready for collection you will have a 2 month period to have your work collected (unless there are mitigated sircomstances). This is due to a lack of small storage space.

Payment :

Once both parties have agreed on framing choices, I will require 50% of the confirmed price in advance to proceed with creating your frame. The remaining 50% to be paid before shipment to you. 

Any adjustments you require to the final framing, will be free up to 5 hours. Any additional adjustments exceeding the 5 hours will be charged at £20.00 per hour.



Enquire for more



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